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Max International is a company established with the sole purpose of empowerment! Individuals are faced daily with dual pressures of health problems and economic hardships. The environment is riddled with toxins and pollutants, stress levels are soaring in our lives and the levels of good nutrition and exercise dropping significantly. Result? People feel lost, frustrated and helpless. Steven Scott, realised the massive potential in groundbreaking products that enhance our glutathione levels and found a way to enact real positive health improvements for people the world over. Rather than distribute these ground breaking products  through traditional means, Steve partnered with other driven individuals, to share in both the responsibility and the rewards.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 23.04.20At Max, the purpose is to empower people around the world to experience better health, success and significance; thanks to the exclusive compound RiboCeine! Our groundbreaking medical technology, coupled with our global entrepreneurial model, makes Max realize its purpose of -Improving general health and well-being with the products -Attainment of financial security and success to our associates (with our unique business model) – Personal fulfillment and significance with our culture Many people have been drawn to Max because of the honest effort of Steve Scott and our scientists to create an organization that cares about individuals needs. For many, finding a company that tries to do the right thing for all the right reasons is as important as anything else. The company launched 10 years ago in the US, and is now established in 15 other countries including Ghana (launched in November 2014).

  • Our products improve general health and wellbeing.
  • Our business model allows our Associates to find success and financial security.
  • Our culture encourages personal fulfillment and significance.

We invite you to come partner with us.

Kofi Nyarko-Pong
(Max Diamond Associate)


Preparation: Herbert T. Nagasawa was born a Japanese American and grew up in Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor, WW2. Having personally seen the devastation and toxic threats of war, he dreamed of one day developing an immune super pill that would protect mankind.

(See the Hawaii Midweek Magazine article PDF)

Plan: To fulfill his dream he became a highly respected Biochemist, Sr. Scientist at the Veterans Administration, and Sr. Editor of The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry for 32 years. Ultimately he developed and patented RiboCeine, a compound that accelerates Glutathione production that both detoxifies and empowers human cells.

Partnership: Together with the help of his son Dr. Scott Nagasawa, they formed their Cellgevity company and began looking for the right marketing partner for their breakthrough product.


Preparation: Steven K. Scott after college lost 9 jobs in 6 years. These failures drove him to prayerfully study the wisdom strategies found in King Solomon’s book of Proverbs as a pathway out of poverty.

Plan: By developing infomercials uniting true breakthrough products endorsed by “the right” celebrity spokespersons, Steve experienced increasing success and became a multi-millionaire.

Partnership: After being approached by Dr. Nagasawa, Steve Scott brought together his breakthrough technology and “Good Guy” celebrity Chuck Norris & his wife Gena, to endorse and empower a global network of people both physically and financially through his Legacy company Max International.


Each person builds ONE TEAM of their own by completing the following.

1) Registration: Join Max International with an enrolment pack and purchase two (2)  products a month. Additional product sample packs are recommended.   

2) Invitation: Sample and/or sell your product stock into the community asking potential partners to consider joining with you in the Max Mission.

3) Presentation: Complete a due diligence presentation by reviewing this website, and/or experiencing a live Max Overview presentation.


Preparation:  Each one of us has a history, a personal journey and story that defines our life and can cause us to aspire to greater things. “What would you do with your life, if you had the available time, money & health to accomplish it?”

Plan:  Write a few sentences as your WHY Max Mission Statement.

Example: I will join the Max Mission to empower people both physically & financially, thus bettering myself and the community around me while I also underwrite my children’s education and pay off all personal debts. In celebration I will take one dream vacation with my sweetheart every 2nd year.

List 10 names of potential Max Partners you’d like to invite?

Name:           Cell:                   Email:

1) Kofi K          0244xxxxxxx      Kofi@XYZ.com



…. 10)





Kofi Nyarko-Pong
Max Diamond Associate.