1. How do I enroll as a Max Associate? How do I enroll as a Preferred Customer?
Enrolling as a Max Associate or Preferred Customer is very simple. You can enroll online at http://www.max.com/join/528015/full/us/en/joinoverview or call  0553138529 or whoever referred you to this site. They will help you get started with any of the enrollment packs. (See below)
Levels of enrollment:
a. Personal Pack –  799 GHS and 849 GHS
b. Professional Pack – 2799 GHS
c. Premier Pack – 5499 GHS
Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 12.58.09 PM

2. Where is the corporate office ?

Our corporate office at East Legon, close to the A/C Mall.
Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 23.04.20
23/23 Garden Road
East Legon (near A & C Mall)
Accra, Ghana
Email: ghsupport@max.com,
Hours: Monday – Friday (9am – 6pm)
Hours: Saturday (10am – 3pm)
3. As a Max Associate, am I required to pay an enrollment and/or annual fee?

All Max Associates are required to pay a one time enrollment fee which is included in the enrollment packs.

This fee includes the Max Starter Kit, which contains examples of sales materials, compensation plan brochure and a DVD to help you get started on your road to success as a Max Associate.

4. How do I order Max products, will the company ship the product to me?

You have the option to order privately online within your Virtual Office if you’re outside Ghana; or you can order over the phone by calling 0553138529.

Delivery time frames are normally 1-2 business days depending on the destination.

5. What are my payment options when I purchase Max products?

You can pay via cash deposit into any of Max Corporate bank accounts (see form below) and present the receipt or deposit slip at the Max Office for your products. Alternatively you can use MTN Mobile Money and pay into ‘Max’.


Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 8.42.55 AM

6. How do I receive my commissions as an Associate?
The Fast Start Income commission is paid weekly every Wednesday, and the Monthly commission is paid on the 15th of the following month. Commissions are paid directly into your bank account (the account you provide during your registration at the corporate office).
You can follow your Max business online (ie Virtual Office or Back Office) at http://www.mymaxoffice.com with your login ID and password.Alternatively, you can download the Max App on your tablet or smartphone.

7. How can I keep up to date with Max International news and events?

Visit the Max corporate blog at http://blog.maxgxl.com or the events page Here
Feel free to check this blog out for regular updates as well.

8. Why did Max International choose network marketing to distribute Cellgevity?

Because of the power of people sharing with other people. At Max we believe the best way to distribute Cellgevity is by using a person-to-person method rather than having our product sitting on a retail shelf in a pharmacy. Cellgevity is more exciting than that! The story needs to be told firsthand, and network marketing is the perfect platform because it benefits every person involved.

9. When are meeting days?
Time-table for the week is usually displayed at the corporate office at the beginning of each week. It usually follows this pattern:-
Mondays  –    Training Sessions     – 6pm
Wednesday & Fridays : – Opportunity Presentation   6pm – 8pm
Sunday    –  Opportunity Presentation  3.30pm (1st session) and 6pm (2nd session)


Kofi  & Nana Ama Nyarko-Pong
(Max Diamond Associates)

8 thoughts on “F-A-Qs / CONTACT US

  1. I would won’t to be part or sign on.
    I have spent over two (2) years to understudy the authenticity of Max due to my experience in previous investment.
    After a while, I have to conclusion to give Max too a try in this network marking thing. But I’ll want to start from below the ladder and I hope as time passes by I may add more to push it. Pls kindly furnish me with the requirements to get started. Thank you.


  2. Does the training time and days still hold? And how many times must you go through the training to understand the concept of the business well?


  3. Does it mean if I choose the personal pack which is 700gh I won’t pay any money again. Now what will happen if I am not able to sign up anyone within a month


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